Sunday, January 24, 2010

Black And Gold Roundup

By now you may have heard that the New Orleans Saints won tonite and are going to the Super Bowl!

So here's a little roundup of black and gold decor images to salute their win.

People are in the streets, screaming and yelling. Fireworks and firecrackers are exploding. Car horns are blaring. It is going to be a long and nosiy night of emotional jubilation!

I cried. Alberto cried. It's all wrapped up with post Katrina healing.

To see the Superdome filled with pride and joy instead of shame and despair is really something.

I really miss all our friends who couldn't come back, and I dedicate this post to them.

So kick back and enjoy the black and gold decor.

I got some celebrating to do!

Who dat?!


  1. You look so cute! So excited for the Saints and all you who love them. We'll be cheering them on, NOLA style. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Congratulations!!! Aren't you too cute in your Saints' tribute gear?!


  3. Who dat?? You're so cute all adorned in saints colors!

    I'm happy for y'all!

  4. You are so cute! I'm sad for the Jets but congrats to the Saints.

  5. Who Dat! I loved the first picture especially, that is a favorite color way of mine. Looking good, Blondie, is that the back of the house?

  6. Congrats! You guys deserve it! It was an awesome game. So thankful not to have to hear ANYTHING about Favre for awhile. What will you be wearing on your trip to Florida? ;)

  7. Bloggers Abode, you will hear a lot about Favre for the rest of your life considering he is a shoe in for the Football Hall of Fame and the fact that he holds every record there is in the NFL. Teams deserve to win football games based on performance, not on the fact they need to heal from a natural disaster. If that were the case we could go to Haiti, put together a team and be in Miami in two weeks and say, "we deserve to win". The Saints and the Vikings both played hard but the officiating in this game is something many have come to expect out of New Orleans - looting and pillaging.

  8. Obviously, your team lost, anonymous. No reason to be nasty, however. Did you lose some money or something? Now think what it would feel like to lose your house or your neighborhood or a family member. Every where I went in this country after Katrina, people apologized to me about the slow response of the government. I feel terrible about Haiti, it's called empathy. Get some.

  9. black and gold! classic. i love that combo. and congrats to the saints!

  10. Sabina, I had plenty of empathy for Katrina victims, but not for the stupidity that caused much of the disaster, namely a mayor too stupid to get buses rolling and a governor frozen in her own ineptness. This has nothing to do with empathy - it's facts. I lost not one penny on this game, I don't bet. I do see dirty play and officiating that appears suspicious, however. I had no dog in the race here. Even the NY Times has an article about the officiating and they certainly don't give a damn one way or the other. I like to see people root for teams based on something other than natural disaster affirmative action as was the case here. NO will get theirs in Miami. I may just have to put some money on this one. If NO loses in Miami, will it be the government's fault. That seems to be the NO mantra for the past several years.

  11. Mz V! Who Dat? Yay for NO! The team has worked hard and deserves the recognition. You look too cute in your spirit colours!

    anon....didn't your mother teach you that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all? What good does your hate and discontent do? Why waste your time and energy posting? Perhaps if you lived through what NO has lived through, your attitude might be a wee bit different. Try somethibng new....look on the bright side of life and find the good instead of looking at the dark and bad side.

  12. Hey Gorgeous! Love you in your team colors, and definitely loving you as a blonde.
    Go Saints!!!


  13. congrats alberto and valorie!! congrats new orleans. you look awesome!!!!!

  14. Congrats on your win...have a fabulous time celebrating !!

  15. Lots of craziness here today! Anon...geez- take off the gloves.
    It's a game.
    On a much more positive note-I love-love-love you as this stylish blond vamp- fabulous!

  16. You don't look cute Vamp.
    You look damn HOT! x

  17. So happy for all your happiness and celebration, Blondie! Don't get so carried away that you're out there "eatin' cars and bars!"

  18. "the officiating in this game is something many have come to expect out of New Orleans - looting and pillaging."

    For a shameless coward and racist imbecile, Anon, you are a real douche bag and you can't hide from the mirror every day reminding you that.

    I was going to suggest that you eat crap, but you do that every time you swallow.

  19. BTW: CONGRATS!!!!
    THE SAINTS will come
    MARCHING into MIAMI!!!

    Eventhough Jeff is going for that other team... I'm all for the BLACK & GOLD!!! woo-hoo!!!
    (they were actually my old high school colors... go figure!)

    :D Lynda

  20. the black rooms best! Found your blog! Glad I did off to browse! Maria


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