Saturday, January 23, 2010

Readers Projects 3: Jenny and Carla

For this installment of Readers Projects we first have Jenny who writes the outspoken, heartfelt, often witty and hilarious, and highly informative blog My Favorite and My Best.
Readers Projects is a regular feature and I would love if you please send me photos of your rooms or your work to post and share (email

The Living Room of Jenny Andrews of My favorite and My Best

This is Jenny's small style packed living room. White slipcover - check. Cowhide rug - check. Craigslist score - check. Vintage accents - check. Interesting art work -check. I spy a Suzani!

The Suzani in Jenny's house is draped on a table under the flat screen TV. She said it came from a sale at Anthropologie.

Next we have Carla Sue Fox, a reader who makes gorgeous one-of-kind jewelry.

Carla began her interest in jewelry design and creation after inheriting her grandmother’s collection of vintage and antique jewelry. Because so many pieces were unwearable, either because they were broken or simply too large, she started experimenting with using these pieces in her new designs.

Her first love is and always will be interior design. However, being in the interior design industry has brought a focused eye to her jewelry designing process.

Using those same principles of design, Carla creates one of a kind wearable art using semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver, fresh water pearls and beads, and incorporating vintage components. Contact her by e-mail:

On a completely different topic: I have it from a very good source that Dwell Magazine is on the verge of shutting down.

And hang onto your wig hair! The same reputable source alleged that Elle Decor won't last the year.

Don't scream at me. Of course I can't tell you who told me, but believe me, it is someone who knows. We'll just have to wait and see (and save our precious issues!).


  1. Valorie, thank you so much for this post! I feel honored to be included in this feature. AND, I see the need for some professional photography and a website, too. Time to get real, as they say. As always, looking forward to more of The Vamp!!

  2. Elle Decor is a favorite of mine .. don't want to see it go!

  3. valorie ...
    i will be so terribly sad if all of our magazines go... there is nothing like sitting and flipping thru and tearing out all of the bits we love and storing them away... or putting them up on inspiration walls... have a great weekend... xx pam

  4. The jewerly is so pretty.
    My favorite is the
    Necklaces. All of them..

  5. Thanks for asharing; I really like the jewels, and the room with the suzani is pretty. I hate the small collection of magazines that is left, I hope this is not true. I too enjoy holding something in my hands!

  6. nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! i just threw up a little. someone give me margaret russell's number.

  7. garden and gun were going under but at the last minute someone stepped up and infused them with cash allowing more time for them. haven't heard about elle decor - i wonder if its true. they just shut down metropolitan home to save elle. doens't make sense. oh well. that leaves hb and veranda i guess, woi too, handg england, cote sud, cote quest. that's it. trad home sucks so bad. bhg ditto.

  8. OMG! Tell me it's not so... more shelter magazines to shut down? I hope House Beautiful doesn't go too, as that's a favorite of mine. I don't regularly pick up Dwell, but I think it's a great magazine and a great resource that would be sorely missed. I thought the magazine industry was holding steady???

  9. Dayum. More folding this year? Time to hit the international mags.

  10. Oh Valorie, say it isn't so. What will I do? I guess it's all about blogs and books. It does make sense considering how much it costs to produce one issue. Oh well, I had a project photographed for Elle Decor. I hope they make it until it runs next fall.

  11. I love Jenny's blog ! I would have to put it on my short list of the very best out there. She is so funny. I can't imagine having the guts it takes to write the things she does... thanks for sharing. I will send you some pictures. This sounds like a great post ideal.

  12. i gasped at the necklace created by Carla Sue Fox! i'm just in love with it!

    magazines - will there be any left a year from now? should we be burying them in our back yards in a time safe? hanging onto them to sell 50 years from now for a profit? what is to become of all of this?

  13. I love MFAMB and her house!! I dont know how to email you pics of my own, but you can look at them on my site, just posted some. BTW, they include cowhide and Ikat....


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