Wednesday, August 24, 2011

JAMIE - To Drop This Fall

Valorie Hart wears vintage leopard and writes about leopard for Jamie Herzlinger - photo is an old Polaroid

Today I am a guest blogger for Jamie Herzlinger.

Jamie is a terrific designer, a stylish woman, and a generous talent.

My post is all about leopard, and you certainly can't change this old vamp's spots!
Please take a look HERE.
And while you are at it check out my leopard shopping post at Houzz.

The post for Jamie ties in with an exciting new project she is about to launch. And you are hearing about it here first!

JAMIE LOVES is a magazine about luxury that supports what JAMIE IS.
Her newest project that I am proud to announce here is JAMIE, a design service where you can work on your home, buy couture clothing, buy tabletop, and buy to the trade only furnishings! 

JAMIE - It's about luxury and not having to whisper it - It's geared to people like you and me who love luxury, who love beautiful things that JAMIE will make reachable not just  aspirational - I can't wait!

From Jamie Herzlinger: It’s a really exciting time. JAMIE will go live this Fall and promises to be quite a new revolutionary way to approach interior design!

For years people have written to me with questions regarding design, and wanting to work with my firm in places all over the country. Well, after a solid couple of years working on the platform, I have designed a way that we can work with anyone, anywhere in the world, on the foundations of any project. Without ever having to step foot in your home!

JAMIE marries fashion and interiors to make and meet the expectations of those wanting to  re-design a single room to an entire home, to a paint palette for one room, to the experience of being able to purchase a coveted Chloe Jacket or buy the most sought after Dorothy Thorpe candlesticks! At the same time, you can purchase a stunning set of Italian Sheets and totally order the hottest in French flatware for your table.

JAMIE answers your question of what to do with all the inspirational photos that you have ripped out of Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home and House Beautiful, you know the ones, where there is that certain perfect piece you have to have, but you need a designer to get if for you.

JAMIE offers you the hassle free answer to purchasing that one piece or twenty “one pieces” without having to hire an interior designer in hopes that they will be willing to just act as a buying service for you! JAMIE is also your buying service.

JAMIE is the design and style that gives you the power to change your life!


Readers and Bloggers, can we give Sister Jamie an AMEN?!  Yes indeed! AMEN!                          


  1. Every room should have something black and something leapard print in it.

  2. Oops, I mean leopard.

  3. Mz. V, I will look forward to 'Jamie'! Love your post and you!

  4. via FB

    Edie wrote: "Loving you in leopard! Great post!"

  5. via FB

    fantastic photo of you!


  6. you were a babe!


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