Friday, September 30, 2011

Sara Essex Bradley Takes Us Behind Closed Doors In The French Quarter

This weekend is the kick-off for the art season in New Orleans, starting with Art For Arts Sake, a city wide happening on the first Saturday in October.

One of my stops will be to see the work of photographer Sara Essex Bradley.

Sara and I are working on a book together. She is a local New Orleanian, and photographs many homes for the home and lifestyle magazines here, and for magazines in Europe, and for The New York Times.

I chose a few photos that appeared yesterday in the Home section of the New York Times, a very interesting article about two artists, and their homes. Do read the article. It's pretty interesting.

The living room of an artist on the edge  French Quarter - the building is very old

The bedroom in the same house - I love the plaster walls - and the cat is perfect

Still life  in the French Quarter. - I love how Sara catches the light

People in New Orleans use religious art and artifacts in their decor -Combined with antiques it adds mystery with grandeur

Unfinished plaster, brick, and an old wood floor make this kitchen unique - Note the fan light window

Living room - Bohemian at its best  - the owners painted the room over and over to get this perfect smoky blue

This is in the second house in the story, with a more refined collection of antiques - LOVE the poodle - what a great candidate for some body's feature on dogs on furniture, or dogs in decor, or for  PVE or Fifi - Sara has a way to get animals to pose

A classic parlor in the French Quarter - nothing trendy here, and it is so inviting

In this age of over worked, over styled bookshelves, this one is so refreshing and natural

The dining room is also formal - the table was handmade for the artist by another artist friend - I love having creative friends!

What a beautiful and unusual bed in the master bedroom -  Love the simple, luxe, graphic coverlet

These homes reflect true bohemian lifestyle. I can't help but think of two of my favorite blogs, Bohemian Hellhole and La Masion Boheme when I look at these beautiful photos by Sara Essex Bradley. It is rare that we get to see reality in decor, and it is very refreshing.

Ersy Schwartz, left, and Josephine Sacabo, right, use their houses in New Orleans as incubators for their artwork - Read the article by Penelope Green, photos by Sara Essex Bradley for The New York Times

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  1. Congrats on the book, Valorie!
    And I just read your last post -- the fabric on the wall looks amazing. I really need to give that a try!


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