Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Phew! It's Ash Wednesday

We are tired!
Took it easy today. Put away boxes filled with masks, wigs, and accessories. Put the costumes back in their place in the closet. Took down the Mardi Gras decorations outside the house. Checked my email and read a few blogs.
We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect, we ran into friends, and are so happy to have another Mardi Gras together. Alberto is working on a video that he will post on Facebook.

In the meantime, may I present The King and Queen of the Sea!

Valorie Hart and Alberto Paz Mardi Gras 2012

I originally wore this costume before Katrina - Sabina (in pink) organized The Krewe of Mermaids - on the other side of me is Stephanie (in blue), and then Robin (as Ariel) - All three of them lost their homes in Katrina and left New Orleans - Alberto was King Neptune that day (Sabina made his robe) -  Sabina's husband Joe was a cute sailor surrounded and seduced by the mermaids - Sabina's nephew PJ was the Naked Chef - the brilliant Tracy Thompson made the wig I am wearing, given to me by Sabina -  It's made of curling ribbon - We are in The French Quarter on our way back from marching in the Krewe of St. Anne parade, a walking group of hundreds of artists and musicians (anyone can join in)  that starts early in the morning on Mardi Gras from the Marigny/Bywater and ends at the Moonwalk on the Mississippi River in The French Quarter

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  1. More like we were shot, unwillingly, out of a cannon, than "left", but I still dream of the day we can all move back home and be with you again Valorie. Thank you for this wonderful picture. It was a really fun day! You keep the spirit alive for us!

  2. Valorie!
    I enjoyed all your MG and Alberto look great in costume! I can see why you would need a day off!


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