Monday, April 23, 2012

The Best Magazines On The Newstands Now

I subscribe to them all. This month is pretty good, with humble little Southern Living taking the lead. Next is Traditional Home! Really! House Beautiful just gets by this month, mainly because I love the 101 Tips From The Experts. Architectural Digest is getting better since that breath of fresh called Margaret Russel took over. Elle Decor is at the bottom again. Hope they get their groove back. And that $11. Domino thing is a sad waste. Conde Nast might want to put Lonny or Rue into hard copy print instead.

Anyway, I scanned a few of the things I felt compelled to rip out and save and share with you. Now go out there and buy a few magazines, because scanning just doesn't do these images justice. All images from the current May 2012 issues.

We all are loving painting our doors black, but I really love the deep purple on this door - I am currently working on a project for a young couple and am trying to get them to use a cylinder shape lighting fixture instead of the fussy chandelier with crystals - Maybe this image from Southern Living, the best magazine this month, will show them how great it would be

A very cute feature in Southern Living with a lot of take-away ideas you can do

House Beautiful is trying to get its groove back - I loved this idea for the back of bookshelves - Here it is painted, but the take-away idea could be to cut foam core the size above the shelves and cover it with chevron fabric and place it in the bookshelf - Much easier and cleaner than painting, and easy to change out when you need something different

This funky room is in Traditional Home - Buy  the May issue for sure

I love this little moment in the bedroom in the May issue of Traditional Home

This bed is refreshing, as seen in May 2012 of House Beautiful

These outdoor chairs just really tickled me! The owner got them in Paris (why is it always gotten in Paris) and you can see them in Traditional Home this month along with the rest of the home

Contrary to popular belief I do not hate circles - This is genius -  painted circles on a mirror, as see in Trad Home

Two beds in one! The high padded headboard inside a four poster - The dinky rug is wrong, but the pillows look perfect, as seen in the May 2012 issue of Traditional Home

Hey hey hey! Blogger/designer Erika Powell was featured in a tastemaker article in Southern Living

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  1. I drooled over the same magz... So beautiful the tendencies to lively patterns and colors!
    Wanna revamp my house!


  2. A few of my favorite things - these are all wonderful spaces. Can't you just imagine walking into that entryway, first pic? It's a welcoming space!
    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my dining room! Per your question, the wall color is Hanging Vine by Mystic Paint. I actually considered getting a custom shade like "Miles Redd Green" based on your post on it. Luckily, this was close enough, but you inspired me!
    I entered my apartment (all 425 square feet of it) in the Small Cool Contest on Apartment Therapy - more pictures of green!

  3. elle decor for the win this month, arch. digest rounding the corner next...and house beautiful barely squeaked by with that list. the interiors were not my fave.

  4. I love the May issues of Elle Decor and AD. The current issues of House Beautiful and Veranda haven't hit the newsstands yet in my Canadian city. I'm really going to have to search high and low for a copy of this month's Traditional Home since nobody here seems to carry it and the May issue looks quite worthwhile!

  5. I agree with you 100%. Southern Living is taking the lead !!!!! Trad Home is next. These once sleepers are gaining big time!!! House Beautiful has not been the same since Stephen Drucker left. ;(

  6. I am SO looking forward to being back in the US where I will be able to buy and hold a real magazine and leaf through it at my leisure .. looking online is fine if that is all you can get but there is nothing like lolling on the sofa or bed or outside, looking through magazines :)
    besitos, C

    1. Yes, it's a shame that Buenos Aires only has about 100 book stores and magazine stands per block, and that's only on Avenida Corrientes.
      Avenida Santa Fe has a shortage of those, only 50 per block...
      What's really bad is that people can actually hold real magazines and leaf through them from opening to closing time without buying, while sipping a cortado or two.

  7. It's true that they are zillions of bookstores and quioscos in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, but you know I had a hard time finding shelter magazines there. The USA really has the most magazines dedicated to home decor. I couldn't wait to buy a ton when I got back to the States :-)
    xo xo

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog and am IN LOVE! I tore out many of the same pages that you feature here! Coming to NOLA 1st weekend in June and can't wait to hit Magazine Street! Did you see the spread in TRAD?


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