Thursday, April 26, 2012

Readers And Other Bloggers

I love getting email from readers and blog friends. And I love it when you send photos. I also love finding things on other blogs that I haven't seen, and want to share here.

First up is blogger Skyla who writes the fresh and young blog Sanity Fair.
She wrote to me after I left a comment about her fab green dining room, "Thanks for your comment on my dining room! Per your question, the wall color is Hanging Vine by Mystic Paint. I actually considered getting a custom shade like "Miles Redd Green" based on your post on it. Luckily, this was close enough, but you inspired me! I entered my apartment (all 425 square feet of it) in the Small Cool Contest on Apartment Therapy - more pictures of green!"

I love this room that Skyla did! You know it is my favorite color crush of the moment. Vote for her!
So get on over to Apartment Therapy and see more pictures and vote for Skyla! I love every detail she has, including the coral pulls on her desk.

I did a post about art in the kitchen, and got a very sweet note from reader Pamela Clark who sent me a photo of a painting her daughter Sally Jeanne Clark did that hangs in the kitchen. I think it's great!

Art spices up this kitchen, painting by Sally Jeanne Clark
The young lady with her painting - Hope she doesn't mind that her mom sent the photo

And it seems that lots of my friends are having babies! So nursery decorating has been on the mind lately, and I am drawn to images of how modern mommies are making their babies rooms pretty. I found this one at Little Green Notebook, and was immediately in love with the black and white design.

So chic! Love the black and white stripe window shade, and the bassinet skirt is couture! via Little Green Notebook

This is how to do a nursery! via Little Green Notebook

So keep the cards and letters coming! I love hearing from you, and we all love to see and share projects. Don't forget to vote for Skyla!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, and I am IN LOVE with that nursery from Little Green Notebook! Absolutely stunning.

  2. Thank you for sharing Sally's artwork.....just wish my kitchen was "done." It's a work still in progress. She'll love that her mother is sharing. LOL
    Great blog Valerie!

  3. i know skyla's blog.
    and i have seen that 1st image before.
    she is sweet and so creative.

    i am off to vote for her

  4. All are wonderful in their own ways! But I absolutely love the green dining room! Beautiful!

  5. This is some chic nursery. Absolutely love it!

  6. This is the most stylish baby i've ever seen!!! You can't go wrong with black, white & animal print!!!


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