Friday, April 27, 2012

Sources! I Got Sources For An Iconic Room From Be Your Own Decorator

Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk (Rizzoli), is my most favorite go-to  idea book. So in honor of that, I did my guest picks in an Ideabook over at Houzz.

I share over twenty sources of takeaways from the iconic room Bunny Williams did for a decorator showhouse, a room  that spawned a lot of chatter on the decor world blogosphere.

So go on over to Houzz and see what you can pick up. The deal with the takeaway is to use one or all of them depending on how you are your own decorator.

Bunny Williams as seen in Be Your Own Decorator by Susanna Salk - photo by Thomas Loof courtesy of Rizzoli

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  1. This is the reason you were cited several times in the comment section of a recent blog post because of your great eye. Enjoyed seeing your selections at Houzz.

  2. An Affair With A House, by Bunny Williams is often on my to-do list for clients. Should say, to-buy list.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  3. YES! And what a happy room this is!

  4. This room was recently referred to by another blog author as a "stinker". I totally disagree. I think one of the great things about show houses is that designers have an opportunity to shake things up a bit and create conversations about one's idea of beauty. It was a difficult task to deliver on three living spaces in one large room, but I think Bunny did it with a lot of new shapes, styles and of course color. I like her sense of confidence and daring. It has become way to easy in blogland to wrap a room in one color and call it good design. We seem to mark time by brown, white and now gray and readers follow suit.


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