Thursday, June 21, 2012

Antique Glassware At Lucullus And How To Get The Look

Ever since I first came to New Orleans, I loved a shop called Lucullus. It sells antique dinnerware and glassware, and some small antique furnishings. It's mostly French, and all gorgeous.

Antique glassware from Lucullus
Michael Pelkey introduced me to 18th century stemware. The elegant shapes haunted me for years. He had many sets of glasses, often a dozen in a set.

My La Rochere Perigord glasses - I think they have that 18th century look

As the years went by I would always be attracted by antique wine glasses, but I never started collecting them. They were always expensive.

Set of eight exceptional French Empire period hand blown champagne flutes with broad and fine fluted cutwork, $1600.00.  Measure 6 3/4" in height - from Lucullus

Assembled set of sixteen fine French Empire period hand blown champagne flutes, $2800.00.  Measure approximately 6 3/4" in height - from Lucullus

Set of eight 19th century French hand blown champagne flutes with tulip lip, fluted bowls balloon stem, $995.00.  Measure 6 3/4" in height - from Lucullus

So when I discovered Lucullus I was beside myself. Of course the glassware was too costly for me, but I loved to look at it, and would search flea markets, eBay, and second hand stores for glasses that reminded me of the antique glassware.

Set of ten 19th century French hand blown wine glasses, with mirabeau stem, circa 1840, $1800.00.  Measure 5 3/4" in height - from Lucullus - These really look a lot like the La Rochere shapes

La Rochere Perigord wine glasses looks very19th century down to the mirabeau stem - Set of six $40. at Overstock

Blogger and designer Katiedid set her table with La Rochere wine glasses

After many years of trying to find reproduction glassware, I finally have settled on La Rochere. Many of you know this glass ware line.

Assembled set of six 19th century French hand blown absinthe glasses with cut panels on bowl and mirabeau stem, circa 1860, $745.00.  Measure approximately 6 1/4" in height - from Lucullus

Good looking set of 12 La Rochere Absinthe glasses with Absinthe spoons $98. -  I so want these - They would be perfect for aperitifs - Get them at Overstock

The glass making company of La Rochère, in France’s Franche-Comté, traces its history back to 1475, when “gentleman glass-maker” Simon de Thysac founded a glass works that supplied the needs of locals in this rural area located between Champagne and Alsace. The company is still making glassware today, and many of the forms are in the style of the 18th and 19th century.

Set of nine French Art Deco blown and molded glass timbales,  circa 1930, $495- from Lucullus

The La Rochere Versailless tumbler has a great antique timbale look

I have the La Rochere Bee and Eiffel Tower wine glasses, and recently bought a set of six Perigord champagne flutes. We use them everyday for aperitif size drinks, and I think the shape design resembles antique glasses that are much more costly.

How many of you have La Rochere glassware? Don't you love it!

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  1. It's great to see someone just as fascinated with clear glasswares as I am! Great post!

  2. I, too, treasure the beautiful glassware from the past. It is a real challenge to find an entire set in perfect condition, as that is when they become so expensive. One of my friends solved that problem in a very creative way...she now buys what she thinks is exquisite, and maybe each place setting at her table is different, but is is also interesting and quite lovely. Think about it. Big hug from Texas.....

  3. I, also, love La Rochere reasonably priced glassware. Have enjoyed my "bee" glasses for years. Seeing your Perigord flutes, I may invest in another set. Look great.

  4. I love, love, love this post! I visited Lucullus in New Orleans earlier this month and positively swooned over everything in this incredible shop. Unfortunately, most of their wares were out of my budget, thank you for recommending a fantastic alternative in La Rochere - just beautiful glassware.

  5. Happy summer! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the glasses! I loved keeping up with your blog! Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  6. I loved this post V, you know how I feel about glassware and Lucullus is a must for any visitor to New Orleans. Those art deco timbales are pretty fabulous, I'll bet they'd fit the hand just right.

  7. I dream of being able to visit Lucullus one day...I've had to settle for their website for the time being, but inspiration pours through the screen everytime I visit so I leave happy none the less!
    Antique glassware is so beautiful and unique, it's nice that La Rochere is keeping the styles of such glassware alive and well...and available!
    I'm enamoured with the French Art Deco glasses though...I wonder if Mr. Dunne would consider possibly 'charity-ing' them to Seattle? glass cupboard would love to meet them and is in deperate need of a little French Deco elegance & sparkle...oh, sorry, I was wishing out loud!
    xo J~
    xo J~

  8. I seemed to have double 'xo'd'...hate when I do that, I really must learn to scroll down, second time it's happened this week!! :+

  9. And I Thought My Plastic Ones Were Nice.........Grin........


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