Friday, June 22, 2012

Florence Green


‘Florence’ with dark Soft Wax

The latest color in the Chalk Paint line is a jewel shade of green with a hint of blue

‘Florence’ with clear Soft Wax 


(New Orleans, LA, June 21st, 2012).  Leading decorative paint expert and author, Annie Sloan, has just introduced her latest paint color for Chalk Paint™ decorative paint.  It’s called ‘Florence’ – a rich, jewel-tone shade of green that is inspired by the color of the semi-precious stone, malachite (from the same family as azurite and turquoise).

Annie Sloan says, “This has always been a favorite color of mine, and now is the time to introduce it, with vibrant shades trending in home fashion as much as they are on the runway. ‘Florence’ can introduce a classic look or contemporary style, depending on the type of finish used.  Using my ‘dark’ or antique Soft Wax creates a historic look, while the ‘clear’ Soft Wax, buffed to a matte sheen on a dresser, for example, introduces a bold pop of modern color to a room.  It looks fantastic with black and white.”  In the photos above, Annie has used ‘Graphite’, a very dark charcoal grey, inside the drawers.

As with many of Annie Sloan’s paint colors, ‘Florence’ has its references in the 17th and 18th centuries when a similar color called ‘verdigris’ was much in demand and was a classical color for Italian furniture of the time.  Annie’s clever interpretation makes this color just perfect for the 21st century – whether used on a piece of furniture or a wall.

To lighten ‘Florence’ to a spring-like minty green is easy, using either one, two, or three parts Pure White or Old White to one part of ‘Florence.’

Chalk Paint™ decorative paint is made in the USA and comes in quart cans only, for $38.95 per quart (regional price variations apply). 

The above is a press release from Annie Sloan that made me smile. I recently painted my nightstands green. It was an"oops" color. I tired to match a Benjamin Moore color at Wal Mart and it didn't come the way I thought it would look. I did not buy the paint.
A  weeks later, the paint was marked down to $5. a gallon, so I bought it! I ended up using it to paint the lines on the walls to create the giant diamond pattern, and I used it to paint my nightstands. 

My green nightstand - Florence Green? Paris Green? Ooops Green?

I generally use flat paint for everything, including painting furniture. Sometimes I put a clear wax on it, nothing sp0ecial, a wax like Johnson Wax I get at the hardware store. It always looks nice, and lasts forever.

I am so intrigued by Annie Sloan.

I love her new color. It reminds of color I saw all over Europe painted on shutters, and doors. It also reminds me of the color Paris Green seen on old china. Florence Green, Paris Green, green is hot!

I love the Paris Green on old china

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  1. Your bedroom photo stops me in my tracks every time I see it! Green is my go-to color, and I'm loving the deeper shades we're seeing! Have a great weekend, Valorie!

  2. Love your oops! And I'm intrigued by You!!!

  3. You write a great blog! thank you!


  4. I love this color. You show us that green can look good in the right settings and right shade.


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