Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dinner For Ten At Eight

Having a dinner party tonight. Squeezing ten people into our tiny dining room carved out of what probably once was a bedroom in our shotgun house. To me it's a glorified hallway, but hey, I've had dinner parties in smaller places in New York.

Alberto is making Barbecue Shrimp tonight so I thought I'd use these plates

I used a great over size paper runner - It comes on a roll and you just cut off what you need, and then throw it away at the end of the party - Perfect for messy barbecue shrimp

I placed the table on a diagonal so I could open up one leaf - The table actually has two, but the room isn't long enough to fully open up both - I use folding chairs instead of my regular dining chairs to save space

Flowers in a tureen on the "sideboard" 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh my, Valorie! That is so beautiful, and I love your plates. Do you have a source? Have a great dinner party! xo

  2. Barbecue shrimp sounds good. I love those perfect. And that table runner is fantastic...perfect for a dinner like this. I loved it the time Alberto taped you all fixing was so entertaining.

  3. What fun, and aren't you clever. Love your flower arrangement.

  4. V,

    if my mother sees these LOBSTA' plates....
    she will go crazy!!!

    gorgeous setting.
    what a surprise. NOT!!!!

    xxx ;0

  5. I love the dishes and I have to remember the Paper Runner ! Brilliant !
    Hope the party was a smash !

  6. Can I come? :) Love that paper runner!!! Fabulous!

  7. Love the Plates!! Do you have a source???

  8. Such an inviting table! Love, love, love the plates & the runner.

  9. Beautiful and stylish as always. Love the plates, flowers and ironstone container. One can tell a stylist lives in your house. All we need now is for you to share your recipe.

  10. Love the table runner, it all looks fabulous! Hope you all had as much fun as the table looked!

  11. Hi All,
    Thanks for all the comments!
    The plates were vintage when I bought them at an antiques shop somewhere in my travels, and they are possibly antique by now. They are French, and I got them for my beach house in East Hampton years ago, and have carried them with me since.
    The paper runner came from a local store, Little Miss Muffin on Harrison.
    xo xo

  12. For she's a jolly good fella...

  13. Loved the video. Now you really have to share the menu for that delectable looking table.

  14. I just saw a photo of your living room on Velvet and Linen. Brooke was writing about the book Be Your Own Decorator, which you mentioned before. I got excited when I saw the photo. Too bad you don't live closer to me. I would love for us to "shop my house" and see what magic you could create for me.

  15. You always are an inspiration. Love tight and cozy dinner parties.


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