Friday, July 27, 2012

Where Did Agora Go?

Agora Galleries was a fun shopping place, a collection of different vendors with well priced things for the home. I say "was" because sadly it closed a few weeks ago. But dry your eyes fellow decorators! It has reopened just up the street, with a new name: The Shops at 2011 Magazine, at 2011 Magazine Street. No web site yet, but a Facebook page called The Shops at 2011 Magazine.

Just open for a couple of weeks, it is still being stocked with wonderful things by wonderful vendors.
I had to stop by and see what is going on, and there is so much cute stuff to buy! I snapped a ton of photos, so sit back and come window shopping with me, and get over there soon. And if you are not from New Orleans, put it on your must-see list when you come to visit.

Go see The Shops at 2011 Magazine now! Open 10 - 5,  (504) 407-0499

Fabulous pairs at 2011 Magazine

Cute brass lion at 2011 Magazine

Fantastic zebra couch at 2011 Magazine, and love that hot pink pillow

Loving on the loving cup at 2011 Magazine

This booth at 2011 Magazine has a ton of lamps at good prices

Love these little paintings at 2011 Magazine - only $60. each!

Wonderful art work, and a spectacular Empire style chandy at 2011 Magazine

Tailor's bins at 2011 Magazine - wonderful storage

Rolls of pretty twine at 2011 Magazine - Pile a few in a basket

I love graphics! Cute Bistro sign at 2011 Magazine

Yellow Ikat dot settee and charming Buddha pillows at 2011 Magazine

Fab metal letters starting at $8. At 2011 Magazine

LOVE these HIP letters at 2011 Magazine

So many goodies at 2011 Magazine

Vintage retro and Euro style at 2011 Magazine

Cute stationary is getting harder to find, but you can find it at 2011 Magazine

Stylish notions at 2011 Magazine
Happy Shopping! 

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  1. Valerie, Thank you so much for the kind words, and the beautiful pics. We really appreciate your help with our new venture. Hope to see you in The Shops often.

  2. Hi Val! Great post. I've been so curious about the place and I can't wait to get there in person! Thank you for the sneak preview!

  3. Looks very cool! how have I never noticed this place? I'm embarrassed.
    Must go soon.

  4. Going to nola next weekend, I can't wait to stop by this place!

  5. Your blog is the BEST! My new favorite find!!!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I was so bummed abt Agora closing shop, but nonetheless, super excited to know some of his tenants were opening up in another fun space. Haven't gotten myself there yet, but your photos have certainly whet my it!


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