Monday, July 30, 2012

Where Did You Get That?

I did a post about a dinner for ten that Alberto and I recently hosted, and got a few queries about where I got a few things.

So I did a post of Guest Picks at Houzz, with links to everything you see on the table, including the table! So check it out. Houzz is getting to be more and more of a great go-to site for decorators.

When I researched the Houzz post, I found a plate similar to mine with an Italian name. I'm beginning to think the lobster was a very popular image, perhaps used for transferware.

The mark on the underside of my plates say "Hand Painted Made in France", and I think they are vintage, not antique. I have had them for twenty five years or so, when I first got them in an antique shop in New York for my little cottage in East Hampton. Perhaps the gold rim is hand painted, and the lobster is transferware.

Find out where to get these vintage lobster dinner plates and other great things for the table at Houzz

I always loved them, and use them on New Years, or when I serve shellfish. The lobster has morphed into a crawfish since the plates moved to from East Hampton to New Orleans.

Hope you enjoy my "finds" on Houzz!

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  1. Valorie you have the best collection of plates! I still remember those gorgeous oyster plates of yours too!

  2. Great finds! I'm loving the coral reef placemats!

  3. You are the "find"!!

    Those are the best plates! We all remember your plates! Keep it up!



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