Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Dreaming. As in they must be dreaming. The very target customer for the things they sell, young women, college girls, romantic Boho types, artists, poets, and dreamers, could never afford to buy one piece of their gorgeous furniture. They taunt us with pretty catalogs. And the clever ones, hit the thrift stores, and craft the unattainable priced things in their own way. So I thank them for the dreams and the inspiration.

Hang a large interesting textile on your wall - I love the over dye rug on the floor

Funny styling - the chair looks so teeny - look for the unwanted old man pictures at the thrift store

Get out the stencils and sponges and rags to do a wall like this

Mix those textures!

You can find Suzanis on eBay to reupholster simple chairs with - The bird wallpaper is to die for, but I use inexpensive fabric stapled to a wall for the same effect - I'm still a Boho girl on a budget - Go HERE

Many of you tell me you don't like the plunder practices of this store. Artists get paid what seems like a large sum because they are so often broke, and the corporation reaps the profits forever. I personally think the whole experience is overpriced, and even their oh-so-clever design ethos is wearing thin in being genuine. What do you think? Oh yes, in case you haven't guessed by now, the beautiful photographs and vignettes come from the Anthropologie catalog.

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  1. I love their stores for the displays and the way they merchandise. BUT, I've yet to buy anything that wasn't marked down first.

  2. When Vancouver got an Anthropologie store, I was so excited because I'd heard people raving about it. However, when I went in the store for the first time, I was so disappointed. Most of what they had is what I would consider junk. I guess their target demographic is, as you say, 20-somethings and bohemian types, because their products did nothing for this 50-something woman.

    1. The Canadian stores do not get their funiture or at least they only get a few pieces. I think some of their sofas are lovely - I have a linen green "ditte" sofa which I saved for for years and bought on sale about 6 years ago. I LOVE it still even though I'm now in my mid 30s and and my taste has changed considerably. It's also well made - my kids jump and sleep on it, we use it as an extra bed etc. I think it'll be fine for at least 10 years and though it was expensive, i don't think a pottery barn sofa would have held up as well (they look like junk in the shop around here).
      That's the only thing I've bought from them (other than a few pieces of clothing) so I can't speak for much else. I too find it's targeted to a young market (obviously) but they do it well and the stores are gorgeous. And if you look past all of the usual frills and birds etc you can find some lovely well made classic things (ie. they had a lot of gorgeous Portuguese majolica a few months ago).
      As for artists being co opted for the benefit of the corporation - they really don't have to sell to and through anthro. I don't really buy this starving artist thing. No one is holding a gun to their head. Anthro gets their products ("art") out to a very wide audience and their name too. This is great exposure and it's almost priceless.

  3. Anthropologie does the best job with display, merchandising and product, it can't be denied! The wrought iron bed with the blue coverings and the stenciled wall is brilliant.

  4. Could you do a "how to" staple fabric to the wall. I've always been interested but it seems so complicated (starching, stapling etc - how do you hide the staples?) I'd love to see how this is done, I have some lovely block printed fabric I would love to use on a wall.

  5. I have my heart set on some golden Chinese bird wallpaper in our next home. all of these images are wonderful, besitos ! C

  6. Oh Valorie I love you. Not only do you live in my Husband's home town, you made me feel so good with this post.
    Anthropologie is pretentiously overpriced and to a market that can't afford it. I do believe that much of their client base is over the age of 50 although they probably really don't want the world to know it. If you read the product reviews many are written by older women.
    I have an extensive retail management background and a few months ago I interviewed in San Jose Ca. for a management position. My first interview with the District manager went very well. She then wanted me to speak to the H.R. manager who had flown in. That interview was a joke. This woman who had no style and no personality made me feel like a worthless old lady(I'm 62, but don't look it).
    I realize that I shouldn't have even applied there, but I really like the store.
    My feelings since have changed. I have purchased a number of things over the years and for the most part the quality isn't always there especially in clothing items.
    When they had the Man Shops Globe show I just couldn't believe the stuff he was buying and what was being paid for it.
    Thank you for making this point.

  7. It's hard not to love Anthropologie..they are excellent marketers...although their quality is not anywhere near their price...Hope all is well with you., XO, Mona

  8. I LOVE Anthropologie, everything is so beautifully styled.

  9. I love a decorative wall. Plain is boring.

  10. Just found your beautiful blog...will be following. Like your style!!!! A bientot.


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