Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday By The Sea - The Unhampton Home

This is my kind of house. Actually it has the feeling of the cottage I once owned, and the feeling of a house Sharonne Einhorne owned when she opened her first Ruby Beets on the Montauk Highway in Bridgehampton. Donna Karan also had rich girl version of this type of decor, buying most of the furnishings from Ruby Beets. That was the 1990s.

It's girly and done in a thrift style that reminds one of English cottages. In fact the owner is an English decorator names Podge Bune, who explains her unusual name, "I was a 12-pound baby. When I came out, the midwife said, 'What a podge!' and that was it."

Holy gallery wall! Podge Bune decorates her house in the Hamptons in a untypical way that I love - The stones around the fireplace, the old carved mantle, the tiny boudoir chairs and footstools, velvet used at the beach (!), and all the cosy prints anchored by the symmetry of the mirrors and lamps and pairs of everything used everywhere

Chintz and pink! And I know you love the huge fish wich is an old fishmongers sign

A clever built in bookcase in the dining room - I have something similar in my dining room, but not this nice

You know I am a plate queen just a heartbeat away from being a hoarder, so these are quickening my pulse

Sweet blue chest looks like it might have come out of the old Ruby Beets store on the Montauck Highway

The perfect beach bedroom, complete with a posy of blue hydrangea, the flower most identified with the Hamptons - Where's my long white cotton nightdress?

A very cute bathroom vanity - Note the old mirror and how pretty the very common hardware store handles and knobs are, and of course the chandelier is to die for, all tricked English style with little shades

The back deck with a water view and access - this I did not have - I had to walk across the street and put a two person red kayak in the pond behind The Springs General Store

Podge's water view - Love the weathered driftwood posts

A little garden shed painted green and pink - so very un-Hamptons and so very cute

The picket fence, arch, and rose garden leading up the front walk - I had a picket fence, and brick walkway with two Gothic style iron arches, and my garden was a riot of English flowers, with a stand of sunflowers that got nearly as tall as the arches

The front of the house of Podge Bune is perfection and very un-Hampton

Off you go to House Beautiful to read the entire article by Christine Pittel. It's charming and informative and I know you will like Podge. And here's a link to the slide show with the photos by Francesco Lagnese. The captions are very informative too.

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  1. Sigh... sigh.. Valorie... I love this home... it is totally wonderful and full of such interest and it has been executed with such flair... I hope you have had a fab weekend... xv

  2. Great post! How I wish I could escape to a cottage like this for a week, or two or three. It's so lovely and inviting. You mentioned that it is "un-Hampton" like. Having never been there, can you explain what that means.
    I judge all places like Ina's unfortunately.


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