Saturday, September 22, 2012

Henri Matisse Interior Decorator

I have been researching prints by Henri Matisse for a project, and I was delighted by how many paintings and drawings he has done of interiors. I am sure he made somewhat faithful depictions of the rooms he was painting, and I am also sure he took artistic license to rearrange rooms and introduce furnishings and accessories and colors to make a room more attractive, much in the same way an interior decorator would do.

Here are a few examples I found that I think will charm you, and I am sure you will agree that Matisse could have been an interior decorator or designer if had chosen to do so.

Lovely little drinks table - note the chevron pattern on the floor

The stripes are striking and love how the coffee table is styled

Animal print rug and modern table

The drapery tied back across the door adds depth

Art and flowers and a mix of furniture styles - how modern

Pattern play is his forte

This looks like a mood board that all bloggers and designers love to do

You know I have A thing for interior shutters

Love the portieres

So Suzani looking, and love the matching print on the walls and fabric - very Billy Baldwin

A lady at her vanity

Kind of inspiring don't you think?

Been away for three weeks taking care of my sister who had  shoulder replacement surgery. Trying to get back to blogging. Hang in here with me please.

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  1. I could only talk to my sister on the phone today. She went to my mom, 15 year old poodle put to sleep. He was my dad's dog. Dad died unexpectedly this year. It aches to not be there for these family moments.

    I know ya'll had so much fun too.

    XO T

  2. lovely post, valorie. matisse is my absolute favorite. his cut-outs, especially. fun to see a grouping of his interiors...donna

  3. Ooooh. That was FUN! Love his interior art...what are you using for your project??

  4. I love Matisse...such a great artist with such a great story to tell. Of course, he would be a great interior designer with his great flare for color and space. Great post!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  5. Loved this write up. I have a poster behind me on the wall of my office and never thought to look at the interior design, but indeed it is quite lovely!

  6. All the best to your sister for a successful recovery, Valerie. Absolutely...'hanging in there' with you dear lady.


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