Wednesday, September 12, 2012

House of Fifty - The Fashion and Decor Issue - Debra Rapoport

The streets of New York City are like a fashion runway. Certain stylish people are spotted over and over again, becoming known for their great style. Ari Seth Cohen started an amazing blog a couple of years ago were he focused on taking street fashion pictures and interviewing fashion mavens from age 60 and up. He called it Advanced Style.

Artist and life coach Debra Rapoport is a regular fixture on the-streets-as-runway in New York, and she has been featured many times on Advanced Style. I was very attracted to her one-of-a-kind style, and her life philosophy. So when House of Fifty tapped me for a column about the correlation between fashion and home decor, I thought of Debra.

The fabulous bohemian decor of Debra Rapoport - photo by Ryan Mellinger, styling Maria McBride

Debra is like so many New Yorkers, living in the same compact apartment for over 30 years. Her fabulous fashion sense spills over into her home decor, creating a colorful bohemian space. I wanted to fly to New York to see her apartment, photograph it, and interview her. In a perfect world this would have been possible. But in these budget conscious days, road trips are not happening.

Debra Rapoport is featured in House of Fifty in the column Advanced Decor - photo Ryan Mellinger

So I tapped my friend and colleague Maria McBride who lives in New York, and is an extraordinary editor, author, and stylist, to help me out. She and her daughter, the photographer Ryan Mellinger set up a photo shoot with Debra, and made some beautiful pictures. Debra and I connected, and the result is my Advanced Decor column in the Fall 2012 issue of House of Fifty (starting on page 90). Please take a look and read the article. Debra is a very interesting woman, and her outlook on life is wonderful.

Debra Rapoport makes her jewelry and accessories that become home decor - photo Ryan Mellinger

Debra Rapoport in her kitchen - photo via Advanced Style

The Fall 2012 issue of House of Fifty dedicated to the connection between fashion and home decor - Don't miss it!

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  1. Valorie,
    I really enjoyed learning more about Debra, and Ari's blog, through your wonderful article. I like the bit about the streets of NYC being a fashion runway...I can tell you that isn't exactly the case in my smaller town! :) Thanks again for your wonderful work and for sharing HOF with your readers today. Janell

  2. The only thing I love more than the quirky beauty of the bohemian style are the women who exude it. Debra looks like the life of the party... thanks for sharing about her (and Ari's) blog.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  3. WOw... love these pics.!
    Thank you for sharing .... i've pinned few of them to my boards

  4. Wish you could have gone to NY yourself, but your clever self came up with a great solution - necessity is the mother of invention! Reading Ari's blog has really let me know that I'm not such a fruit loop myself and has encouraged me to pursue my artistic endeavors and that being close or over 60 does not put "braces on your brain" as Auntie Mame would say!! I'm really looking foward to buying House of Fifty this time - thank you! - Lori in Jackson, MS

  5. That picture of her is sooooo cute! You find the coolest things....Will definitely check it out........ Maryanne xo


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