Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shaun Smith

A couple of years ago, a very good looking stylish young man came into the shop I was working in. He came in several times, sometimes with his mother. He always gravitated towards the most interesting and best pieces. He purchased a vintage painting, a pair of iron deer heads, and a champagne color cow hide rug. His name is Shaun Smith.

Shaun Smith interior designer

A year or so later he opened his own home furnishings shop, something that did not surprise me in the least. I featured him in a column I wrote for GoNola naming him as one of the "Designing Men of Magazine Street".  His beautiful shop is successful and his reputation as a designer is growing. Most recently his home (which he designed of course) is featured in CUE Magazine (photos by Greg Myles, story by Lee Cutrone).

I love Shaun's style, clean and fresh, mixing masculine and feminine elements, deftly mixing modern, vintage, and antique pieces. Enjoy this little round-up of photos, and go to his web site to see more of his work, and most definitely check out his shop in New Orleans (tell him the Vamp sent you).

Shaun Smith living room

The vintage painting I sold to Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith master bedroom

Another view of the master bedroom - I love how he styled the throw on his bed

Shaun Smith kitchen - The white floors throughout the house are gorgeous - He has an equestrian thing going in the design of his home, echoed in the barn style kitchen cabinet doors

Shaun Smith - breakfast area

Shaun Smith dining room - Love the mix of rough table paired with the French chairs covered in blue velvet, the rock crystal chandelier, the blue and white Chinese pottery, and the modern painting

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  1. I too love his style and his Magazine St. Shop.

  2. Something is wrong with your scanner. Your pictures are much too blurry.

    1. Hey Ano,

      Stop hitting the gin and the pictures will become much clear to you.

  3. Gorgeous style and a very talented young designer. Loved the kitchen and the beautifully designed bedroom.

  4. Great style...anyone who uses an Hermes blanket is alright in my book! It is one of my favorite accessories! Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger


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