Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's A Mirage

Shutters. A pretty standard design, correct? Especially the louver type that have been around for centuries. We use them on the outside of our homes, sometimes for function, sometimes just for decoration. We use them on the inside of the house as an option to curtains and drapes.

Shutters are a classic design

Ed Williams sent me a note the other day. He's someone I met at a window covering convention a couple of years ago. He was very excited to show me a new design for shutters he is introducing and wanted feedback.

The Mirage Shutter

They are called Mirage, and I love them. The wavy louver is so organic. What do you guys think?

The Mirage Shutters look great whether they are long or short

They work well in traditional spaces

They work well in modern spaces and you can get them in colors! I really like the long shorter narrow ones. So many homes have those type of windows, and it is hard to find a window treatment that looks good for them. I have a client in mind for these shorter Mirage Shutters (called Tempest) for exactly this type of of row of narrow windows.

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  1. ohh, i adore them, especially over the tub-is that real light coming thru or another "Mirage"
    love, love, love the new blog my talented friend!!

  2. That is real light. The great thing about Mirage is its light shaping ability. We call it a "Glow Pattern". Keep in mind that the shutter will shut completely and it actually provides better closure (room darkening) than your average plantation shutter.



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