Friday, October 26, 2012

Kelly Green Trending

A strong saturated green has been popular for the past three years or so. Designers Nick Olsen, Miles Redd, Tobi Fairly, and Brian Patrick Flynn have put it on the radar in the design world.

Kelly Green Closet by Brian Patrick Flynn

Some people call it Kelly Green, some people call it Emerald Green, and I just call it gorgeous. It's funny that I love this classic preppy color so much. I used to associate it with old dudes in fugly golf pants, nowhere near high style. And preppy is one thing I have ever been called.

Kelly Green and Navy Blue done by Brian Patrick Flynn

It just goes to prove that all color is beautiful when manipulated in the right way. Kelly Green gives a room energy and sophistication.

Add just a touch of Kelly Green - Brian Patrick Flynn

My Guest Picks at Houzz this month are awesome! I found nearly 50 things in 50 shades of Kelly for you. Please go check it out.

Go see my Kelly Green Guest Picks at Houzz

I also have a board at Pinterest called Kelly Green Trending that will show you lots of ways to use this fab color.

Blogger Skyla Freeman decorated her apartment in many shades of green

And I included blogger Skyla Freeman in my Houzz Guest Picks. She is an ambassador for green. Her cute compact apartment decorated in Kelly Green made the cover of Local Living. She really knows how to use the color, and her apartment is a great case study for any of you who have been thinking about decorating with Kelly Green.

Cover girl Skyla Freeman!

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  1. Thanks! It was so much fun. I want EVERY single thing in that Houzz list, but especially the malachite items - it's become an obsession lately.

    P.S. when I was considering doing my green walls, your post on "Miles Redd green" gave me the courage to try it!


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