Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween!

The Visual Vamp vamping it up

Alberto and I hosted a Black and White Tango Party the other night. It was fun to dress up. I shopped our closet. I have had this vintage Carolyne Roehm silk tulle ballgown skirt for years. In fact when I got it in New York, it was new. The top is a little sequin shirt I picked up for $5. in a sale bin somewhere. My hair was dyed lavender for the night, and my hairdresser Randy Roman gave me the best rock-star up-sweep. The little black and white mask is from the French Market in New Orleans. The location is Galvez Restaurant where we take over their ballroom on the fourth Sunday of each month to host a tango dance. I love the mural with the Creole couple peering out the faux doors.

Anyhoo, have a wonderful Halloween.

Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart on the right - Alberto has a matching sequin jacket to my shirt, and yes it was in the closet! The other couple on the left are young argentinos who are professional Swing dancers, Mariella and Gabriel. They did a wonderful performance for us the night of the party.

My heart is heavy and sad seeing all the storm damage Sandy did.  Most everyone I know in the east has checked in and is okay. Seeing New York City so ravished is so sad. It stirs up all those Katrina feelings. But this I know: People rebuild and restore, and often what can come out of ruin is more amazing than what was there before.

The weather patterns over the last few years seem different, bigger, and more fierce. Maybe it is just the 100 year cycle thing. We weren't around a hundred years ago to see what changes occurred then. Maybe this is all just the natural flow of things. I personally think it is global warming caused by us humans that is turning our weather into one huge disaster movie that is more of a horrible reality show. Nowhere seems immune anymore. Scary.

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  1. You both look MARVELOUS! and yes indeed devastation leaves one feeling sad, but we do know that we have a new chance and making things better.

  2. Yours and Alberto's costumes are wonderful! Am very envious over that "mid-drift" look (and you do it so well!)

    Living on *any* coast these days can be scary; I agree that our weather patterns are taking a turn for the worse. I've been through a hurricane and was in NOLA after Katrina; I really feel for the folks that have been affected; my thoughts and prayers go out to all of them.


  3. Valorie, you look beautiful.... You rock that outfit! Looked like such a fun evening. On the more serious note, I agree, I think we've done this to ourselves. The cutting of too many trees has been bad for our earth. I live in the midwest - tornado country - and they have been more fierce and frequent the past few years than I ever remember in my lifetime.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, I wish we could have been there. It's tough watching the TV, my heart goes out to everyone affected by Sandy. Happy Halloween everyone XO

  5. How delicious!
    Kisses from a storm front!
    We are better that many, but our garage got hit....
    xoxo Victoria

  6. You look gorgeous ... a very memorable Halloweeen...xv

  7. Love your costume - very glamorous!

  8. You look beautiful Mz. V! What a fun night!


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