Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Are Your Plans?

Who cares about losing weight or getting more exercise or giving up booze or smoking? Home decorators have other plans.

What projects and improvements and purchases do you want to make in the new year? What have you been putting off that you finally want to tackle this year? Are you moving to a new house? Are you renovating your home?

I have resolved to do a few things this year.

Our grass id a FAIL

 I want to clan up my outdoor spaces. The sod we planted two years ago has turned to weeds, and the banana trees we also added are a mess.

We need at least 24 huge ass square pavers

I'm thinking of large square pavers, or maybe extending the river rock into this area. I'd also like to reupholster the patio furniture cushions and paint a chevron pattern on the floor.

And while I'm out there I would love to turn our garage and shed into a dance studio with a bathroom, or turn it into a short term rental for the movie folks working in New Orleans.

I would add French doors to the garage

Inside the house, I need to paint the chimney bump-out in the kitchen. Considering blackboard paint, but am leery of cooking splatters not able to be cleaned off the wall. The kitchen curtains need to be replaced.

Can you clean grease off of blackboard paint?

General paint touch up of all the walls and painted furniture in the house needs to be done.

It's touch-up time

The shame that is our laundry room needs to get finished, which includes putting up the rest of the crown moulding, and putting in a new floor. The master bath adjoins the laundry room and I would love to rip out the bathroom tile floor, and do matching marble subway tiles on both floors, in a herringbone pattern. We have two bathrooms, and both of them need the tubs to be resurfaced by a professional.

I need to clean out my "magic closet" of decorating junk, an armoire filled with office junk, and a space under the built-in "sideboard" in the dining room needs to be cleared out of more office junk.

A decision needs to made about moving my "office" off the breakfast area dining table.

 I always think about painting all the walls in the house white. And the outside of the house black.

Alberto's man cave needs some serious editing, cleaning, and new window treatments and ceiling fans. And Alberto needs a shoe rack in the closet.

What I'd like to do in Alberto's man cave

The Tangoman needs shoe storage

And of course, there are always major things, like a porch roof that needs to be completely redone, an attic window replaced, a new roof, power washing the house, killing weeds that sprout on the brick pathway and in the river rock in the driveway and walkways. I want a screen door on my kitchen door, an old fashion wooden one, and I'd like to cut out a couple of panels in the door and add glass, so I could see the pretty patio. We'd also like to install a tank less water heater, and also get an integrated generator for hurricane season. And also rip the plastic siding off the house and restore the cypress boards. And paint the exterior. And get gas lanterns for the front porch. And maybe restore all the shutters. And put all new wood floors in the whole house. And add a powder room upstairs. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Maybe it would be better to plan the new year with losing ten pounds, or joining a work out class.

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  1. Oh my! what a list. I'd love to just have the whole house clean all at the same time. Usually I clean our general living area and my studio gets the overflow of stuff that I don't know what to do with, this year, the studio is the "area" I'm clearing out. I imagine my living area will get the overflow...

  2. Ok....NOW you have exhausted me...sticking to losing weight exercising and giving up booze. That should be way easier! :)

  3. If I find a job (I was laid off a week before Christmas), I'd like to buy a bed. I'd also like to find a place that sells turtle shells and table coral. And I'd love to find the perfect leopard fabric.

  4. You are right us decorator's think about decorating projects for the new year. I have a very long list including work to be done outside. As soon as Xmas is over...I start looking forward to spring immediately. You do have a long list of things you want to do. Thanks for all your comments about my Mom. Oh...I wish my Mom would go on a trip with me to New Orleans and come meet you! Maybe one of these days...I'll just jump in the car and come by myself on a whim.


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