Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Use Emerald Green According To Colin Cowie

This morning on the Today Show Colin Cowie did one of his regular occurring segments on home decor. He talked about 2013 trends, color, artsy mirrors, and vintage finds.

He said that he has been using Emerald Green for the past six months, and said for you to get current by painting an accent wall with the 2013 Color of the Year.

Here's Colin's little room set up showing the green accent wall - He says to use an arty mirror

He used vintage bottles and a vase of anemones, and a turquoise Buddha on the sofa table

Here in this office set-up - Colin covered an accent wall in black plaid - It looks like fabric to me  - He also used a giant green clock that I am sure he made (and wished he would have talked about) - He lined the desk drawers in green paper

Here's the mirror Colin used from cb2

cb2 Perspective mirror

It comes in 24 inch squares

You can arrange them any way you like

Are you ready to paint an accent wall or make a giant green clock?

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