Monday, January 7, 2013

Let There Be White

There are two schools of decorators. Those who use color, and those who use neutrals and white. I have been to both schools.  Color has definitely become firmly established in the past five years. White walls, while still around, are not the reigning color.

Saying yes to white

About this time of year, the new year and all that, we humans crave change and rejuvenation. The dark side of winter makes us crave lightness. I always get twitchy, being a colorist, to completely shake things up and paint my rooms white.

Should I just add white walls?

I do have several pieces of white furniture: a couch, dining chairs, a settee, a bench in white patent, an assortment of accent tables and lamps, a credenza, rugs, dishes, kitchen cabinets, mirrors,  an ironstone collection... So how hard would it be just to continue with white walls?

White walls, white furnishings - Why not?

My Guest Picks at Houzz have a ton of lovely white furnishings you might add in the spirit of change and rejuvenation. Please take a look.

Let There Be White at Houzz

What about you? Making any sweeping changes in your home for the New Year?

Playing with texture adds so much to an all white room

Adding just the right amount of color in an all white kitchen

You don't have to use the exact shade of white for everything - mixing neutrals works beautifully

Be inconsistent - Use tones of whites and play with graphic prints

I love white floors

Mix materials - Stone, wood, metal, concrete, glass, for depth and texture in an all white room

Establish a base of white  - In this case the curtains, floors, and paint color

Amazing large white bathroom features a variety of proportions and scale

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  1. Yes, I'd like to paint everything white. But...

  2. i'll just never tire of looking at white rooms when they're done masterfully like these. and those bundts made me smile big time.

    peace to you.


  3. Why is it that we get that feeling this time of year? I am pondering painting my walls back to white after many years as well. I think it is a combination of renewal and age!!

  4. I too would like to give it a try but I'm afraid I'd miss color. Once you've gone black it's tough to go back?!!

    You've certainly given me a yearning to try Valorie. I definitely am craving the light!

    xoxo Happy New Year!

  5. via FB from Robin

    Been wanting to do something like this for years. Trouble is... well, you know what the trouble is. Maybe I should paint everything dirt brown.

  6. via FB from Carl

    Benjamin Moore's Super White is my constant go to for wall color. It's a very ethereal dynamic color but also is calming.

  7. via FB from Connie

    I agree with Carl, I use BM Super White it is so clean, creates contrast and accentuates architectural details.

  8. via FB from Minnie


  9. via FB from Patricia

    As a magazine design editor, my maxim for readers was: when in doubt, paint it white!

  10. via FB from Jean

    I also like white on white accents for architectural detail highlights.


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