Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New York Apartment Of Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, is the New York Housewife who wasn't a housewife, who propelled herself into two spin-off shows on Bravo, Bethenny Getting Married, and bethennyEver After. She also took her cooking skills and vision of creating something called Skinny Girl, and moved from offering free samples of her home made food products in the grocery store, into a massive commercial success with a line of low calorie pre-mixed cocktails and wines. She's paid her dues, and now she's a mogul. Sadly her well documented marriage has ended, and she's a single mother getting ready to launch her own talk show in the  Fall.

Bethenny Frankel in her new apartment - I spy a Missoni bike in the entry hall from Target - I think Bethany got every item from that flash sale because she wears the stuff, and she dresses her daughter in the cute kid clothes too

One of the story lines in Bethenny Ever After, was the purchase of an expensive apartment bought with the fruits of Bethenny and Jason's labor in developing and ultimately selling the Skinny Girl line of liquors and wines. It was the dream come true of girl who had a childhood wrought with financial insecurity brought on by her father's career as a professional gambler.

The living room area in the Tribeca loft - The star burst chandelier was something Bethany had in her clipping file

The design firm of Mariette Himes Gomez was hired to do the honors of renovating and decorating the space. Bethenny had been keeping a binder filled with clippings of things she collected way before her recent success. She says, "I made this book 15 years ago of things I wanted but could never afford".

The dining area in the Traditional Home feature on Bethenny Frankel

Traditional Home Magazine features Bethenny's apartment in the February/March 2013 issue. The article is written by Cathy Whitlock, photography by Joe Standart, produced with Jo Ann McVicker.
Pick up the issue so you can see the images in all their glory, and read the fascinating back story.

Another view of the living room area

A view of the kitchen and the breakfast area - For all you Bethenny fans, what is the name of her dog?

Bethenny had Mariette Himes Gomez build a huge bar in the living room complete with Skinny Girl logo - Bethennysaid the wealth from Skinny Girl built the apartment and she wanted to pay homage to that - There's a dedicated office in the loft

The bedroom is soft and romantic  - Wallpaper by Ted Tyler

Of course a closet fit for a queen

Bethenny's daughter's bedroom

You can catch past episodes of Bethenny Ever After  on Bravo.

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  1. Her dog is Cookie. I love Bethanny and was so sad to hear of her and Jason's split. Last season's show was all about the apartment and I was so happy for her when it was all finished.

  2. Love, love , love her apartment. Watching Bethenny through the years and watching her go from a one bedroom apartment to this beautiful apartment is like sharing a journey with her. I was sad to know about the split but Bethenny is a strong woman and she will be okay. Bryn will be her rock.

  3. I have to keep that photo of her closet for when I have my own built back in the US ..
    Love the bedroom too.

  4. I think it was obvious she loved Cookie more than Jason from day one! This is a pretty pretty apartment. The one she got all done up for her and Jason she never seemed excited about.

  5. certainly much more tasteful than Jill's

  6. You misspelled "Bethenny" all the way throughout.

    1. Thank you for pointing it out. I corrected it. xo xo

  7. I admire her hard work and business savvy but it was clear from day one that she only wanted Jason in order to have a baby, I think she talked herself into believing that she loved him. I liked him and felt sorry for him however I guess he'll get a big payday when the divorce goes through.

  8. So pretty! I love that giant ottoman in the living room.

  9. Love the apartment, she is really very creative. Ladies I thing the closet is we all should have ;-)

  10. Really this apartment looks really beautiful,specially loved the interiors..


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